What does "I might need it one day" really mean?

31 Oct 2018

In this episode the girls discuss the implications of the words "I might need it one day' and the real cost of keeping things just in case. Learn about Tara's tiny screwdriver set and Bec's spare can opener.

Show Notes:

The Minimalists Essay: Getting Rid of Just-In-Case Items: 20 Dollars, 20 Minutes (link below)

"I'm afraid of the consequences of not having this should I one day need it." Bec

"How inconvenient is it to replace something vs how inconvenient is it to keep it?" Tara

"For some people that fear, that justification, that excuse can stop them from decluttering pretty much anything." Bec

"What's the worst that could happen?" Bec

"When you're looking at just-in-case items you really have to ask yourself- Does it affect your life negatively? Is it getting in the way of the life you desire? If so- don't keep it. Don't keep it just in case." Tara

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