What is Cluttercore?

28 July 2021

This week we're talking about the Cluttercore trend - what it means, what it looks like, and what it's useful for.

If you're a lover of a "busy" aesthetic, you'll love this one!

Show Notes:

What is it?
- Anti minimalist trend
- Design aesthetic
- Intentional collection of vast amounts of stuff that is displayed with care
- Homes and Gardens describe it as; a style which: "...indulges in the quirkiness of mismatched belongings and permits us all to fill our interiors with assorted goods that celebrate our memories, interests, and personalities." See link below for full article
- Not to be confused with hoarding disorder

Why now?
- One explanation (Jennifer Howard - author of Clutter - An Untidy History - see link below) is the pandemic - people wanting to feel safe/ comforted/ secure in their spaces - feeling like you want to be protected or cocooned from the world
- Possibly the ever-increasing isolation of people - due to social media, working from home, breaking down of community
Quote (i-D): Lianne explains that her rejection of minimalism is about more than just aesthetics. “In all honesty, a minimalist room makes me feel a bit uncomfortable,” she says. “It gives me the sense of being alone and isolated. I would often find it difficult to sleep in hotel rooms or when I first moved into my house. The pictures and belongings that surround me in my room make me feel less alone.” See link below for full article.

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