What is a professional organiser and what do they do?

19 Mar 2019

If you've ever wondered what Professional Organisers and Declutter Coaches do, here's the episode for you.

Bec and Tara are more Declutter Coaches than POs, and chat about the differences between the two, what you can expect from hiring a PO and how to make sure you get the best one for you. You may even learn something if you're wanting to become a PO as well!

Show Notes:

Professional organiser (PO) is an umbrella term that covers lots of areas. PO's work with clients to bring order, increase efficiency, manage life transitions, reduce stress, assist to make changes, improve quality of life and emotional well being in relation to the relationship they have with space, time and belongings.

What impact can working with a PO have on clients lives? Have a better self esteem; Lower stress; More efficient; Waste less time; Feel more productive.

Some PO’s don’t declutter or reduce the number of belongings but rather simply organise the ones that are there.

A PO is not a housekeeper or cleaner.

As a client, find out as much as you can about a prospective PO before you hire. You should connect and get along with them because it can be a vulnerable exercise. Call and ask questions to make sure you are happy with what they can offer and be certain that they are experienced at doing the particular job you need them to do.

IOPO - Institute of Professional Organisers

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