What to pack for light travel

1 Dec 2021

Welcome to part two of our "Traveling light" episodes. This episode discusses WHAT to pack when you're trying to pack light for travel, either for carry-on only or just for a smaller bag.

Show Notes:

“Even if you’re an experienced traveler, you’re likely to have a higher stress response (when travelling away from home - unfamiliar place etc), and the desire to make yourself more comfortable intensifies,” said Fielding, the psychologist. See link below: The Psychology of Packing

Do's and Don'ts of what to pack:
- Do write a list - pack to the list
- Do plan outfits (Pack small/ light accessories to change the outfits)
- Do ask yourself: "What can I do without?" Ie Pyjamas
- Bold prints and brighter/ darker colours are better at hiding stains if you are not sure about availability of laundry opportunities
- Do your research (Will the hotel/ accommodation provide toiletries/ hairdryers/ towels etc)
- Talk with other people you’re travelling with and make sure there’s no duplicates (hair styling tools etc)
- Don't pack full size toiletries- take small/ sample size or buy on arrival
- Do make swaps for lighter/ smaller items ( sarong or travel towels in place of bulky ones - travel toothbrush instead of regular rechargeable one)
- Where possible take items that can be used in multiple ways
- Do be prepared to wear the same thing multiple times (clothes/ makeup etc)
- Do only take ONE handbag/ purse
- Do be prepared to do laundry along the way
- Do wear your heavier outfits onto the plane (jeans and blazer/ coat)
- Don’t pack shoes for every occasion- decide which shoes can be used multiple times for different outfits
- Do plan (where possible) to stop off and buy inexpensive items like toiletries and food at your destination rather than taking them with you
Dont pack - ‘just in case items’ - ask yourself what you would do if you were there and needed something

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