Where to put stuff

8 Sept 2021

This episode addresses some of the items that our listeners have trouble finding homes for.  We give you some ideas on where you might stash some of those items, and also re-visit the "why" around having homes for things.

Show Notes:

Why find a home for things?
- A way of feeling in control of your belongings
- Know where to find it
- Know where to put it away
- Creates a natural limit
- Saves you from purchasing duplicates because you know where the one is that you already have

Things to remember:
- The home doesn't have to make sense to everyone, just to you - find a home that seems logical for the way you live an operate within your space
- Communicate with others that live in your household - if you create a new home for a object used by others, make sure everyone in the house knows where the new home is and expectations around returning it to that home

Questions to ask:
- Where do I use it? Which room or location?
- How frequently do I use it? More frequently = more accessible, less frequently = less accessible
- Where does it fit (important for bigger items)
- Who else needs access or who do I want to restrict access from (important for kids)

And if you're still not convinced on why you should make a home for your things:
- Americans collectively spend $2.7 billion dollars every year (2/3rds of us spending up to $50 yearly) replacing the items they can’t find.
- Americans spend an average total of 2.5 days a year looking for misplaced stuff.
*See link below for these and more clutter statistics

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