Who is Bec? Who is Tara? And what is clutter anyway?

31 Oct 2018

For our very first episode, we talk about ourselves for a bit and then discuss what WE think clutter actually is. As you notice, we're a bit nervous and overly serious in this episode but we'll loosen up, don't worry!

Show Notes:

"When we're talking about decluttering, we're talking about getting rid of stuff. So we have to actually better define that stuff to know what is that we're getting rid of." Bec

“Clutter is not just stuff on your floor- It's anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living” Peter Walsh

"Your home could look pristine but it is still full of clutter because they're not things that add value to your life." Tara

"Clutter is anything you don't need, use or love." Bec

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