Why we buy lots of baby stuff

7 Apr 2022

This week we're diving into Baby World.  There's lots to talk about with regards to babies and clutter, and this week we're starting with the marketing that's used to sell us the baby gear.

Forewarned is forearmed!

Show Notes:

Babies are life-changing! And even when you’ve had a wealth of experience with other peoples, having one of your own can be overwhelming. When you’re in any new situation, you often feel more vulnerable - having a baby is no exception. We all want what’s best for our babies and marketers KNOW this.
- They play on our insecurities
- They want us to think if we don't have something we’re a bad parent or don't care enough.

TIP- if you or your baby are having a bad day, or going through a tough stage, or you’re exhausted or particularly sleep deprived - avoid the temptation to shop your way out of it. You cannot buy the solution.

When marketing baby products companies will:
- make sure you identify with the people in the ads
- hit with safety first as that’s our biggest concern as new parents
- focus on how 'easy' your life could be
- use influential mums online
- infiltrate online forums
- use targeted advertising and cookies to deliver you the exact solution in your feed
- pay for product placement in tv shows
- make it as easy to buy as possible

We’ve all been there and done it - we are not and were not immune to it, but understanding how the baby-product industry is constantly trying to sell to you, might just slow down your consumption.

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