Yin & Nidra Yoga with Narelle King

22 Dec 2021

This week we are talking with Narelle King from Simply Happy about Yin & Nidra Yoga, two complementary but different styles of yoga that she teaches that both have great health and wellbeing benefits.

Show Notes:

Narelle King is a Wellness and Organisational Coach for Simply Happy helping families with additional needs and organisational challenges to simplify their life and create more time. She knows first-hand the challenges of carrying the extra load associated with caring for children with autism and the importance of creating time to rest. She is passionate about helping women to feel calmer and more rested through Yin & Nidra Yoga classes. You can also find organisational strategies to simplify your life and prioritise your health on her podcast Simply Happy Conversations.

You can find out more about Narelle and watch her free videos or listen to her podcast via the links below.

Also mentioned in the podcast was the book: Burnout by Emily & Amelia Nagoski - link below.

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